Monday, December 15, 2008

The Real Bambi & Thumper!

These amazing photographs were sent to me by my dear friends Bob & Barb Cornish, all the way from Adelaide, Australia. ! (Don't forget to click on the images to see the full size versions.)

They were taken by German photographer Tanja Askani.

The complete story of this real life "Bambi & Thumper" appears on a German website, with english tarnsaltion:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



This is a 'church signs' debate being played out in a southern town between a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church. From top to bottom shows you the response and counter-response over time.

The Catholics are displaying a much better sense of humor! You get the impression that the Presbyterians are actually taking this seriously!

Please click on the image so you can read the signs.

"Can't we just all get along??!!"

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been thinking about creating this blog for a long time. Here it is... I hope you find hope and inspiration here.

I believe that a happy and fulfilling life can be created with surprisingly few elements:

(in no special order)

Eat. Breathe. Move. Laugh. And LOVE.

I really believe that every challenge we face can be turned around by a combination of these five life choices.

I'll post information I find interesting. If it is troubling, I'll suggest ways each of us can make an enightened difference.

I look forward to creating a positive place in cyberspace for all of us.

With love,

Rob Richards


People in Cali, Colombia, are shocked to see the bond between a large
African lion and a woman who saved it from abuse, involving long,
affectionate kisses and hugs between the pair.

Ana Julia Torres, who runs the Villa Lorena animal shelter in Cali, fed
and nursed Jupiter the African lion back to health years ago after it
was found abused and emaciated in a traveling circus. "It is
amazing to see an animal like that be so sweet and affectionate," said
Torres. "This hug is the most sincere one that I have received in my

Love is universal.